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My name is Patrick VeVea.  They call me Patrick, Pat, Vee, "Hey You" and

a few unprintable names - I answer to most anything.  I have been making

pipes, mostly under the V    logo, for a decade.  It is pronounced "V squared

because my last name is pronounced "Vee Vee".  I don't know what I did

"right" but my pipes just smoke great!

I am not a "Master Pipe Maker" nor have I entered into any directed apprenticeship.  However, starting with the very first pipe I made from a pre-drilled kit, my pipes smoke great!  What is more important than that in a pipe?  They smoke great!

I have spent countless hours researching pipe design, experimenting with tobacco chamber shapes, "opening-up" pipes and developing crafting techniques.  I have even pioneered a way to file the inside of the bit to make the transition from one hole size to the next smoother.  This reduces obstructions in the smokes path that would separate the moisture from the rest of the smoke particles making a drier smoking experience with less "gurgling." 

We will customize a pipe to your desires. Do you prefer Ebauchon or Plateaux briar, lucite or a vulcanite stem? What over all shape and size would you like? Color to tint the briar? Would you like a standard "U" shaped tobacco chamber or more of a "V" shape, and what size? Any hand carving?  

Drop us a line and we'll get started on your custom pipe.