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Additional pipe rack photos to stimulate your imagination . . .

and . . .

we are developing a portable pipe & tobacco station!

This photo is from an outdoor fair, 6 days mounted to a tent pole in the wind and not one pipe fell!

Customize any way you want!  Exotic woods, unique combinations, drop us a line and we'll get started on yours!
10 Pipe Rack    $36.00
12 Pipe Rack   $39.00
14 Pipe Rack   $42.00

16 Pipe Rack  $48.00
~ Exotic woods may cost more ~

These racks attach to the wall by 2 screws 6" apart, so if you decide to change from an 12 pipe rack to a 14 or 16 pipe rack you don't need to move the screws.

Pipe Racks

Wall mounted pipe racks that hold 12, 16 or more pipes each.  Available in multiple combinations, typically they are offered in walnut, oak, cherry or walnut and maple. 

Presentation or Gift Boxes
Choose exotic wood Typically Zebra Wood (shown above) or Cedar (below) for it's scent, if you have a favorite wood we will get it and size it to fit your pipe.